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The Need for Followers of Jesus in the Classroom

Universities are often thought of as a place of enlightenment, deep academic thought and intellectualism, and despite this being true, universities are some of the most secular, cold, and God-shunning habitats on the face of the earth. Being a follower of Jesus as a student comes with its hardships. We are incessantly harassed to conform to conflicting ideologies, and at times it seems like our personal values and convictions are at odds with a society that demands that we think and believe in a way that it alone dictates.   Although Christianity is not openly persecuted and ridiculed in the classrooms of universities and schools, the deep-seated scorn and contempt held for our world view is a subtle yet ever-tangible reminder that our Holy God has no place amongst the idols of ambition and pleasure that our peers continue to bow and serve. Nonetheless, sitting in lecture theatres and libraries of university campuses all over the world are the world leaders, decision-makers, a

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