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Can Atheists be Good People?

A very common question that is asked by skeptics is “Do you think that all atheists are bad people?”. My answer to this is simple. No.   However, if God does not exist, then no atheist has ever done anything good either. In fact, no-one has ever done anything “good”. Let me explain: If I were to ask you on your view of the holocaust I am positive that you would consider it wrong.   Okay… what about if you were a soldier in Nazi Germany, would you still think that the holocaust is wrong? Fine, What if Nazi Germany had won the war, killed all opposition and had re-written history? Most people will agree that no matter how I manipulate that question, the holocaust was OBJECTIVELY wrong - and this is where the moral argument comes into play. When you say something is wrong or right it is always in comparison to a standard. For some, that standard might be a role model, for others it could be themselves! Regardless of what your standard is, it would be IMPOSSIBLE to have objective moral sta

The Universe is not Infinite: An Introduction to the Cosmological Argument

The Cosmological argument dates back to as early as Aristotle, however, it was developed through the centuries and was finally widely introduced into theology by Thomas Aquinas.   Dr William Lane Craig describes the argument in three points: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The Universe began to exist. Therefore, the Universe has a cause. When going about explaining these three points to a classmate or stranger, often people will ask: "How do you know that the universe had a beginning?". Below are 4 points that prove the "finiteness" of the universe. It would not logically make sense. (example#1) It takes Mars almost double the days the earth takes to orbit the sun (let's just say double for simplicity). If the universe was infinite then the earth has orbited the sun an infinite number times, and mars has orbited the sun an infinite number times and although logically the earth should have double the amount of orbits, it would be equal to mars if the univer

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